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Tour #3 itinerary 

Tours #I, and #2, start from Biarritz or Lourdes Airport depending on the tour and date selected. Other tours and optional excursions start/end in Biarritz. For more information contact babanglophonegroup@gmail.com

Pilgrimage tour options available are as follows;

#1, Start Lourdes end Biarritz
#2, Start Biarritz end Biarritz
#3, Buglose/Ranquines start/end Biarritz
#4, Excursions to El Pilar, and Torreciudad, Zaragoza.                          
#4, Excursions to Fatima Portugal, Montserrat/Barcelona.
#4, Excursion to Nevers France.
#5, Visit Bordeaux, Toulouse, Madrid, Barcelona, and Pamplona
#6, Pan European travel and destinations

Pilgrimage  / Excursion
Tour #3

Pouy/St Vincent de Paul 

Visit the Cradle of St. Vincent de Paul. Vincent was born in a small house “Ranquines” on the outskirts of the village of Pouy (which in the 19th century, was renamed “St. Vincent de Paul” in his honor). Next visit the nearby shrine of Our Lady of Buglose a Neo-Byzantine chapel. The oak tree next to the chapel is more than 800 years old.

The history of the shrine of Our Lady of Buglose (the chapel of miracles) built between 1850 and 1865.. is linked to a statue of the Virgin of the 15th century: buried in swamps during the Religious Wars to escape the rampage, and found 50 years later by a shepherd.

Miraculous spring fountain at Buglose      

Pilgrims attend Sanctuary Notre-Dame de Buglose

It  became an object of curiosity and devotion attracting many pilgrims. To welcome more visitors, the Basilica of Our Lady of Buglose was built! The building contains a bell tower that contains 60 bells! Every Thursday at 3:30 p.m. (March to November), you can attend and hear the chimes!

Continue your day with a moment of relaxation at Lac Glacièr. It is a very nice and quiet place. The River Adour’s barthes (floodplains) constitute a vast protected natural area,  and a site to discover the fauna and flora of the area. Walk among the ‘barthais’ horses, storks, kingfishers and others…


In order to immerse yourself 100% in the pilgrimage are three essential points: 1, the Bourg, 2, Buglose and 3, the Ice Pond/ lac Glacièr.

In Bourg, the barthe’s cows and horses graze freely, protected fauna and flora may be observed before joining the local hiking loop trail. Continue on to the shrine of Our Lady of Buglose and Ranquines. A ww11 German prisoner camp is located on the road to Laluque.

In 1620, a local shepherd, having noticed that one of his oxen was licking an object, discovered it was a statue of the Virgin. In order to transport it to the church in the village, the statue was attached to the oxen, which refused to move. The animal was shot and remained there. This moment is interpreted as a sign of God’s will. It was later decided to build a chapel there. In the springs next to it, already nineteen healing miracles had occurred in 1662. Today, about sixty miracles have been recorded.

Tour includes
• Transport from Biarritz to Buglose and return.
• Guided tour of Buglose and environs and its history
• Pick-up/drop-off at Biarritz hotel
• The services of a professional guide
• After dinner in Biarritz, 12 Step meeting

What’s Not Included?
• Food and drinks
• Tips (optional)
• All other extras

• Schedule subject to availability (excluding exceptional dates)
• Duration: Half/All day en route, and in Buglose
• Departure point: Biarritz

•Language: tour conducted in the English language
• Reserve/book your tour/group at babanglophonegroup@gmail.com
• Guided tours are subject to availability on the reservation date/s desired.

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• Restricted bookings on Sundays and certain Bank Holidays

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