Hotels Elsewhere


All tours include accommodation in the ‘best-placed’ hotels. Locations include ocean-front, centrally located, within walking distance to popular tourist attractions etc, and always with a view where possible

Tours always include minimum 3 star hotels which include their own restaurant, swimming pool meeting room, are on local public transport routes, and strive for excellent service and comfort

Small, locally-owned hotels in Europe typical of the location are what we actively encourage to add much enrichment to your trip.  They are also the hotels we typically choose in Europe.  We look at what to expect in a three star hotel in Europe.  Choosing a 3 star is a good mid-point option for many travelers. We’ve stayed in all hotels we propose. 

Hotel Aleluia, Fatima 2495-402 Portugal

They are hotels we would stay in again.   This page is updated to include our new favourite Paris hotel, Hotel de la Porte Dorée

In most European locations your hotel will face straight onto the street, rather than having a driveway.  In most cases you can also forget about valet parking or even a bellhop.  Hotels in rural and some regional towns may have parking available, make sure you check car parking availability and price if that is important to you.

Older hotels often have quite grand architecture – but the rooms will be quite plain

The lobby areas of three star hotels in Europe are likely to be quite small.  There may be some seating, but there won’t be a lot.  Many 3 star hotels will offer a tea and coffee service in their lobby.

Depending on location and the age of the hotel, there will probably be a lift (elevator), but in large cities it will probably be very small.  Room for just two to three people and a small amount of luggage.

Three star hotel rooms will have a private bathroom, regardless of where you stay, hotel rooms in Europe tend to be on the small side.  European hotel bathrooms may feature just a shower, a shower over the bath, or a bath with a handheld shower.  You may not be able to ascertain exactly what the bathing arrangement will be until you reach your room – in our experience it often depends on the exact room you are given.  In ou favourite 3 star Paris hotel for example, we’ve had the experience of all three options in the same hotel!

This is a good sized bathroom by European 3 star standard – note handheld shower

Three star hotel bathroom goodies will vary a lot from hotel to hotel.  At a minimum expect to have soap (liquid or solid) and shampoo.  Some in pretty little bottles, flimsy plastic sachets and on wall dispensers – you can’t tell till you turn up.  We’ve also stayed in three star hotels where the bathrooms come complete with shoe polishers, sewing kits and all sorts of other treasures.  Price and location doesn’t determine what you will have – it is an individual hotel thing.  Glasses are increasingly being replaced with disposable plastic cups.

Three star hotel facilities do not always include tea and coffee making facilities, you do see them from time to time, along with minibars. Irons and ironing boards in three star hotels in Europe are uncommon, although most hotels will have an iron and ironing board you can borrow.

Rooms will have a television. They are almost all flat screens.  You will be unlucky to strike a hotel that does not have English language channels.  English language channels may be limited to news channels such as BBC World or CNN, although tourist areas that attract a lot of English tourists (such as parts of France and also Bruges in Belgium and Amsterdam) may offer a wider choice.

Wifi in rooms is pretty universal.  It is available for free in many 3 star hotel rooms now.  Expect it to work well.  Some hotels use a system where they print you off a code on a receipt that you use, others just require an online registration and they will give you the code on a slip of paper.  You may be required to re-register periodically depending on the system they use.